So, you’ve paid your dues by check, credit card, or PayPal and are ready to register on the new system?

This is definitely an option.

Here’s what happens:

  1. REGISTER as a current member at no cost.
  2. We receive your registration notification.
  3. We check your membership status (manually).
  4. Your temporary account will be active for 30 days while we do our due diligence.
  5. If your dues are current, we convert your membership to an ANNUAL or a “5 for 4” membership and set the correct expiration date.
  6. IF YOUR DUES ARE NOT CURRENT, we recommend selecting either an Annual Account or a “5 for 4” Year Account and starting ziplock fresh.
  7. EITHER WAY, we’ll get you sorted out and part of this RUGGED Community!
  8. If you have your receipt of dues paid (cancelled check, receipt from the Treasurer, or from PayPal), attach a copy to your registration form for speedy access!