2024 14th Combat Engineer Battalion Association | Reunion Ticket


Attention 14th Combat Engineer Battalion veterans and associates! Get your tickets now for the 2024 reunion in Rapid City, SD from September 18-20. Relive the glory days with fellow ‘Sapper Studs’ through activities like a 21 grenade launcher salute, entrenching tool sharpening workshops, and heated debates over which platoon leader was the worst. Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with your brothers-in-arms and enjoy a weekend of unabashed military nostalgia. Tickets are limited, so secure yours before they’re gone. 14th CEB reunion 2024, Rapid City SD.


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Listen up, you grizzled veterans of the 14th Combat Engineers! It’s time to dust off your BDUs, polish your combat boots, and get ready for the mother of all reunions in Rapid City, SD this September.

Whether you spent your time in the battalion running obstacle courses, blowing stuff up, or just trying to keep your Lt. from getting your whole squad killed, this is your chance to relive the glory days with your fellow ‘Sapper Studs’.

For three glorious days, you’ll be surrounded by the only people who truly understand the trauma of building a bridge under mortar fire or having to dig the same fighting position 5 times. No more trying to explain to your civvie friends why you flinch every time you hear a toilet flush.

Event highlights include:

  • Opening ceremony 21 grenade launcher salute (ear pro provided)
  • Hands-on workshop: Sharpening Entrenching Tools 101
  • Panel discussion: “My Lt. was WORSE than yours”
  • Demonstration: Proper Meat Hook Insertion Technique
  • Closing banquet featuring an all-you-can-eat DFAC chow line

So quit your bitchin’ and get your tickets now, hooah? This is your chance to get the band back together and make some more memories you’ll be telling your grandkids about someday (the G-rated versions, at least). See you at the reunion!