Vietnam Memoriam
Vietnam Memoriam

The following is a list of Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving with the 14th Combat Engineer Battalion in South Vietnam.

Those whose last name is in blue indicates a link directly to the Vietnam Wall memorial website where his or her name is located.

Last First MI Rank State    D.O.B. D.O.C. Unit Province Panel Line
Adams James H P.F.C. KY. Sept.4,1948 Apr.9, 1968 A Co. Thua Thien 27W 43
Baum David M SP4 IN. July25,1948 Dec.3,1970 630th Eng Co. Thua Thien 6W 104
Beggs Terry Kent SFC/E7  TX  July 1, 1941 3-Jun-71  D Co Quang Tri 03W 65
Blanden James D SP5 MS. May 20,1931 Dec.18,1967 C Co. Khanh Hoa 32E 16
Bonifazi Gerrad R SGT TX. Feb.4,1949 June 16,1970 A Co. Quang Tri 9W 57
*  Boyd Randell J P.F.C. TX. Aug.23,1950 June 3,1971 D Co. Quang Tri 3W 65
Breckenridge Franklin U SP4 VA. June 12,1949 Nov.28,1970 B Co. Quang Tri 6W 88
Bedsworth Billie M P.F.C. CA. Dec.27,1949 Jan.5,1970 D Co. Thua Thien 15W 127
Cochran William S P.F.C. GA. June 24,1946 Nov.6,1966 D Co. Quang Tri 12E 32
Coleman Joshua SP5 p LA. June 30,1949 Apr.16,1970 D Co. Quang Tri 11W 12
Collins Harold D E- 4 IN. Sept.21,1946 Sept.2,1968 630th Eng Co. Quang Ngai 45W 24
Cordova Richard J P.F.C. CO. Feb.29,1948 Apr.27,1969 B Co. Quang Tri 26W 60
Crawford James E SP4 AR. June 25,1948 Mar.24,1970 C Co. Quang Tri 12W 38
Day Jolly J SSG OK. Feb.5,1949 Dec.2,1969 A Co. Quang Tri 15W 17
Dixon Mikle E P.F.C. NC. Mar.13,1951 May 19,1971 A Co. Quang Tri 3W 41
Elliot Raymond L SP4 MD May 8,1946 Jan.15,1967 C Co. South Vietnam 14E 34
Feezer John H SP5 MD May 3,1947 July 14,1968 HHC Thua Thien 52W 28
Garrett Jonathan W E- 4 MI. Jan.6,1950 Dec.2,1969 A Co. Quang Tri 15W 16
George Frank D SSG IL. Dec.4,1927 Aug.7,1967 HHC South Vietnam 24E 86
Gribble Robert M 1LT NC. Apr.14,1947 Mar.29,1971 C Co. Quang Tri 04W 92
Griffin Rudolph W P.F.C. NY July 17,1947 Aug.2,1970 HHC Khanh Hoa 8W 77
Henderson Edward E. Jr. SGT FL. Dec.1,1948 July 2,1968 D Co. Thua Thien 54W 37
Henley Charles R SP4 MI. Nov.29,1947 July 15,1968 D Co. Thua Thien 52W 35
Hill Clarence M SP4 FL. July 14,1945 Nov.19,1969 C Co. Thua Thien 34W 37
Hughes Paul A SP5 CT Apr.8,1948 Oct.22,1969 HHC Quang Tri 17W 105
Jacobson John W SP4 MI. Oct.12,1946 July 30,1968 D Co. Thua Thien 50W 35
Johnson Theodore Nov.1970 B Co. Quang Tri
Kane Terrance F SP4 MA. Jan.4,1947 Aug.11,1969 B Co. Quang Tri 19W 2
Kempker Patrick B SP4 MO. Apr.6,1948 June 28,1969 A Co. Thua Thien 21W 28
Klarik Steve SP5 IN. Mar.19,1934 Apr.10,1968 B Co. Thua Thien 49E 16
Lokken Gary D CPT ND. June 2,1941 Apr.10,1968 HHC Thua Thien 49E 12
Magrass Joel M SP4 MA. Jan.4,1946 Jan.5,1970 HHC Quang Tri 15W 130
Wahler Paul W 1LT WI Mar.21,1943 Nov. 18,1967 Engineer CMD. Khanh Hoa 30E 20
Mc Gee Roy D P.F.C.. MI. Mar.3,1949 Jan.29,1968 A Co. Ninh Thuan 35E 60
Perry Robert L P.F.C. IN. July 16,1949 May 6,1968 C Co. Thua Thien 56E 15
Peters Billy L SP5 OH. Sept.17,1947 Oct.22,1969 HHC Quang Tri 17W 106
Quinn James J  3rd P.F.C. p WA Feb.7,1950 Oct.17,1970 C Co. Quang Tri 6W 5
Ricker Darrell B SSG CA. Dec.19,1937 Nov.23,1970 C Co. Quang Tri 6W 79
Robinson Marvin R SP5 TX. July 10,1946 Sept.11,1969 A Co. Quang Tri 18W 72
Scott James G SP4 CA. July 6,1945 June 26,1967 D Co. South Vietnam 22E 66
Summers Phillip P SP5 MO. Apr.10,1944 Dec.1,1967 D Co. Lam Dong 31E 22
Talbot Thomas P SP4 UT. Apr.22,1949 May 19,1970 630th Eng Co. Quang Tri 10W 67
Walter Herbert P.F.C. LA. Apr.20,1946 Sept.30,1969 D Co. Thua Thien 17W 21
Wegner Dennis R SGT WA. Mar.16,1947 Dec.10,1968 D Co. South Vietnam 37W 82
Whitford Lynn C SP4 NY. Dec.29,1947 Mar.22,1969 HHC Quang Tri 28W 16
Wilson Arthur Jr SP5 WV July 16,1934 Mar.24,1971 HHC Quang Tri 4W 75
Zager John C E- 4 p MN. May 11,1950 Oct.17,1970 C Co. Quang Tri 6W 6
Michalik Willy R E-2 p OK. Sept.04,1947 Apr.04,1968 HHC Thua Thien 49E 13
Payne Jeppie J SSG TN Aug.25,1919 Aug.16,1968 A Co. Quang Tri 48W 29
De Cora Elliott L P.F.C WI Dec.8,1947 Aug.16,1968 A Co. Quang Tri 48W 24
Ratliff Jerry S SSG E-6 TN May 07,1939 Oct.27,1968 630th Eng Co. Quang Tri 40W 46
Ribeiro Joseph F P.F.C. NY Aug.09,1946 Aug.16,1968 A Co. Quang Tri 48W 30
Huff Paul L SP4 VA. Oct.10,1947 Aug.16,1968 A Co. Quang Tri 48W 27
Zimmerman Terry E-4 IA Sept.07,1948 Aug.16,1968 A Co. Quang Tri 48W 31
Cook John p P.F.C. NY Jan.01,1947 Aug.16,1968 630th Eng Co. Quang Tri 48W 23
Kortesmaki Patrick L SGT CA. July 25,1945 Aug.16,1968 630th Eng Co. Quang Tri 48W 27
Mericantante Thomas L P.F.C. CA. Sept.17,1949 Aug.16,1968 630th Eng Co. Quang Tri 48W 28
Reynolds Robert M SP4 PA. Jan.12,1948 Aug.16,1968 630th Eng Co. Quang Tri 48W 30
O Reilly Francis J P.F.C. MA. July 11,1948 Apr.10,1970 HHC Mai Loc 12W 119
Whiteman Richard L SP5 CA. Sept.30,1947 Apr.10,1970 630th Eng Co. Mai Loc 12W 119
Nemeth Joseph S P.F.C. IN. Dec.17,1949 Apr.10,1970 630th Eng Co. Mai Loc 12W 118
Gaworski Francis X SP4 DE. Dec.18,1948 Apr.10,1970 630th Eng Co. Mai Loc 12W 11

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